She Saved Me

I stepped off that Greyhound
Ready to find my sound
To conquer with a six string
To take the world like the King

I was going to be a superstar
Making a name
in a honky-tonk bar
Walk that Nashville Mile
But that sure was all gone
When I saw her smile

My dreams all changed
My life was rearranged
When she stepped in front of that stage

She was made in Tennessee
And she saved me

She was born of God’s hand
On the banks of the Cumberland
She was church camps and soccer clubs
A teenage dream in those cutoffs

She spent her college years
Hanging with the Volunteers
Singing “Rocky Top”
In the Neyland parking lot

She was made in Tennessee
And she saved me

When she met me
I was heading for a crash
Burning through life
Leaving nothing but ash

It was late night parties
And endless I’m sorry’s
Tense calls from the road
Love and trust erode

Another empty bottle
Proof of life full throttle
I should have lost her to the whiskey
Yet she never quit fighting for me

I said goodbye to the lonely nights
The barroom fights
The bourbon haze
The highway maze
The stinky vans
The neon tans

Today I’m fixing cars
Not picking guitars
No more loud applause
It’s now baby applesauce
I’ve got a nine to five
No more shows played live
Sitting on wooden church pews
Instead of broken barstools

Sometimes I miss the lights
Those smoky dancehall nights
But I have to say
I want it no other way
After I see everything we’ve made
The troubadour reveries fade

When I’m holding our baby girl
I know I’ve got a pretty good world
Diapers, “Dadas”, and dolls
Anxiously watching the falls and crawls

And those quiet moments in our bed
On my shoulder rests her head
When her pretty green eyes look into mine
I know I’m seeing a bit of the divine

She was made in Tennessee
And she saved me

We were made in Tennessee
And God only knows how she saved me

2 thoughts on “She Saved Me

  1. And God only knows…
    Hi Corey.
    Thank you for sharing your words with the world. I have enjoyed every single line and also the mistery of love in between those lines… only God knows…
    Hope you will keep posting. I know, life is busy but you may find the time to write a little bit more.
    You never know when your words will touch the right hearts, but God knows.


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